Sunday 29 September 2013


Take Two: Colourblocked Panelled Pinafore

colourblock panel pinafore full 2 b

I'm getting infinitesimally closer to a final version of the Panelled Pinafore.  Baby steps, baby steps.

colourblock panel pinafore 

For version two, I used plain organic jersey in navy, boysenberry, and turquoise to show off the seam lines and colour-blocking potential.

colourblock panel pinafore hem

I swapped out a straight-forward hem for a turquoise band to tie in with the neckbands, sleeve bands, and pockets.  I think this pattern will be a really fun base to play around with.

colourblock panel pinafore full 7 b

The plain jerseys aren't quite as stable as my printed jerseys and I made the (as it turns out, incorrect) executive decision to make the 7/8 size for Maia so this is a slouchier look than the pattern is intended.  She's between sizes but I think next time I'll use the 5/6 with a bit of added length.  It does, however, look ridiculously comfy. 

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  1. I am just in love with this pattern! I can't wait for it to come out. ps, I'll totally pattern test again if you'd like

  2. This is SO totally CUTE! The color combo is great too!

  3. This is so cute! I can't wait for the pattern;-)

  4. This is ridiculously cute, Amanda! And I love the socks with it! My daughter so needs this!

  5. Love everything about this! I want it for me too :)

  6. I dare you to create something that I don't love!! This is not it because, well, I love it!