Wednesday, 18 September 2013


This Just In: Trousers, trousers, everywhere

Kitschy Coo Trouser Collage

I've certainly been a busy bee this last week!  It's been a long while since I've had clothes listed in the shop (although I've continued to supply stockists and fulfilled orders through email) but keeping on top the fabric shop and developing patterns means it's tricky to keep a clothing line going in tandem.  All of the trousers pictured above are currently available and I hope to add dresses, skirts and tops over the next couple of weeks.  Like fabric by the metre, availability can change rapidly.

Juicytots Collage

Speaking of rapidly unavailable things, I've also restocked Juicytots with all of their previously-existing range in all the sizes I could (heads up- the nearly extinct Rainbowphant is back!) and added two new designs in Tattoos and Scandiflower Blue.

Monkey and Bo Collage

Monkey and Bo have also received new stock with four new designs: Camping, Cerise Stars, Sunny Sky, and Happy Girls.


  1. OMG you've been busy! There was recently an online discussion about whether it's possible to sew all the clothes for your family, and this is certainly a good example of what's possible (even if it's for the store, one could certainly do this for their kids)! I love love love the prints you used, too!

  2. I love these! Especially that last one with the stars!! By the way, my son loves the undies i made with your pattern. And it was so quick too.