Tuesday, 24 September 2013


The Panelled Pinafore

tunic princess seam detail

Despite a gazillion other things to do, I started working on another couple of patterns yesterday. Have you seen this infographic of the 12 Types of Procrastinators?  At any given time, I am at least seven of those.

tunic full 2

From a distance (and in this polka-dot fabric where it's hard to tell) there doesn't look like there's very much going on...

tunic seam lines

But zoom in and there's some visual interest!  There are armhole princess seams to the front.

tunic side

And the same to the back.  All those panels would be great for colour-blocking and print mixing.

tunic pocket detail

There are angled patch pockets at hip height.  This is the tunic length but there will also be a dress length.  It's a sleeker, more mod-ish silhouette, but particularly good for autumn and winter in heavier knits.  This polka-dot fabric that I've had in my stash forever is a medium weight french terry with very little stretch.

Tunic full

Maia likes it very much.


  1. I love it! so would my 7 yr old.

  2. I am the list maker, the watcher, the sidetracker, nad the internet researcher (hence why I'm here), but sadly never the cleaner.

    Maia looks gorgeous, I miss her and her brother (and her Mum). :(

  3. I love working with Polka dots, especially for girls, I'm in love with your pattern, a bit cheeky, but is there a pattern available?

  4. oh it's lovely! are you planning to release it? colour blocking (or frugal use of your lovely prints by combining with plains) would be ace!

  5. I am ridiculously excited about this pattern!

  6. Oooo, I really like it. I think my girls would too! Juliex

  7. Looks like another winner!:)

  8. Nice bit of panel action! Would be great for using up smaller bits of knit.

  9. Very nice. That WOULD look amazing with coordinating prints.

  10. Can't wait! I can already see it color blocked in some adorable ways. And when did Maia get so tall? The sneak.

  11. So much potential for personalization! It's a goodn'!

  12. Haven't made anything for children yet but this looks so good may need to make it