Friday, 21 August 2009


Holiday Roundup

I don't want to bore you silly with holiday snaps, so instead I'm going to issue some awards, American Yearbook style....
  • Biggest Lovefest: Me and Calvin
  • Serena Williams Bubble Butt award: Maia And look, it's makes her incredibly buoyant!
  • Least Reciprocated friendship: Maia and Mister Bo
  • Big Kid Award: Four way tie (Steven, Grandma, Grandpa, me)
  • Least observant person: Steven. For a laugh (and, yes, I am hilarious) I moved the car twice while Steven was inside a shop and he never noticed. Or at least he never said anything, probably so as not to encourage me.
  • Future Supermodel Award: Calvin
  • Silly Sunburn award: Me
  • Farmer's Tan award: Steven
  • Most Impressed by Creatures Award: Maia, upon meeting a salamander
  • Most Eccentric Child: Maia
  • Campest Moment: To get up here, Jamie has to tell a tween goth who was brooding on the top tire, 'Excuse me, big boy'
  • Biggest control freak about sand castles: me
  • The 'Really Loves Swings' Award: Maia
  • The 'Really loves Tunnels' Award: Jamie
  • Future Architect Award: Maia
  • World's Strongest Toddler Award: Maia
  • Harry Potter Appreciation Award: Jamie
  • Most Redundant Paddling But We Won't Tell Him Because He's Having Fun' Award: Jamie
  • The Y Chromosome Bonding Experience Award: Liam, Conor and Jamie playing the Wii
  • The Eat your Body Weight in Ice Cream Award: Jamie and Maia
  • Buy Your Bodyweight in Fabric Award: Me
  • Audry Hepburn Sunglasses Award: Isla
  • We All Love Each Other Award: Too close to call
  • We Specifically Love Calvin Award: (Just between me and you, I'm the winner)
  • Sainthood Award: Despite getting more than 200 bugbites, I didn't scratch a single one. Truly.


  1. What a lovely lovely post
    Great photographs looks like you had a great time xx

  2. Your photos are amazing, and it looks like you had a great time, and well done on not scratching the bites!

  3. Hooray for good holidays, you all look so happy! What a gorgeously chubby baby; how did you tear yourself away from him?

  4. sounds like a lovely vacation! so glad you all had so much fun :) despite the disastrous travel to and fro ;)