Saturday, 15 August 2009


Photo diaries and exhibitionists: Part Three

Courtesy of Steven, I have a lot of photographic proof of what the children got up to from Sunday to Wednesday. They went boating with Grandma and Grandpa:

They devoted themselves to Isla:

They went to more playgrounds and pooed:

They posed at monuments without knowing why:

They hung out with baby animals:

There is no photographic record of what I got up to from Sunday to Wednesday. If I was to wager a guess as to what picture best represented my activities, especially on Sunday and Monday, it would probably look something like this:

Exorcist Pictures, Images and Photos

Although definitely less religious in nature, and hopefully more benign. Raging with a fever in excess of 102deg, I was speaking in tongues and sermonising to my mother my theories onto why my skeleton hurt. The kids made frequent visits with their doctor's kits asking if I 'felt better yet', but in the end the entire family skeddaddled for most of the daylight hours and left me to writhe and cough in peace. Sunday became Monday and Monday became Tuesday. On Tuesday I felt brave enough to move my camp from the bedroom to the living room couch. Awoke from a daytime slumber by a knock on the door, I met a neighbour who quite alarmingly said, 'Sorry to wake you again.' Again, as in he awoke me another time. That I don't remember. On one of the days I only writhed around in my underwear. I can only imagine what type of conversation we had the first time, with me in my wild-eyed, unkempt, nonsensical and guttural glory.

Come Wednesday, it was time to return to Connecticut. Luckily for Steven, my condition had improved enough that I was able to travel in the car with the kids for the epic journey. Unluckily for Mom and and kids, my temperament had not improved and although I was a fairly capable Snackmaster, I was a lackluster and irritable Entertainment Executive.

The End. I appreciate that this is a rather abrupt ending, but I didn't want to drag my illness onto yet another installment. I am mostly better, I'm not sure what it was, but thankfully no one else seems to have caught it despite my Ebola-esque symptoms.


  1. You poor thing! Being ill when you have kids is bad enough but being ill on holiday is just the pits :(

  2. Oh my goodness - you poor thing. I do hope you are a lot better by now. I must say it is quite incredible how you can still be so funny when you are obviously not in any funny mood whatsoever. Hope you get lots of hugs & kisses to make you better x

  3. That was a hilarious read.
    Hope you are well on the way to feeling better now.

  4. how do you make even illness sound funny? be well - you deserve it!

  5. i just came across your blog in my delerious PMS induced www-wandering and i'm crying with laughter! you are hilarious and i hope you're feeling better (love the hurling on the plane too by the way) :D