Wednesday, 26 August 2009


I might have to grow up now

The picture above was taken last week. But this is probably how I look today:

I'm not being facetious, I did actually pull out find three grey hairs last week. And on top of that, today's the Big Day. I have officially left my twenties behind and I'm now 'thirty-something'. I'm not sure what's going to change (if anything) but I probably should start thinking of myself as a grown up now, and maybe act like one occasionally too. I don't think it bothers me being 30, if anything I'm excited about the advertising offers that will surely come rolling in. Just look how happy our diapers make us:

If you want to see a Photoshop Wizard at her best, just click on the picture. Can you tell I pasted myself in? It's totally not noticeable, is it? I rock.


  1. So. You've hit the big three-oh?

    My heart bleeds for you.
    (aged 39 and 8 months)

  2. Hahahaha you crack me up you mad woman. Happy birthday, and many happy returns!


  3. Happy Birthday!

    From Louiz (age 37 1/2. Hair more white than black now, under the dye, when I remember to dye it)

  4. Love the photoshopping! Happy Birthday! I've started finding those pesky grey hairs too - I blame it all on the kids! :-)

    Amy x (aged 30 and 11 months!)

  5. you do rock, oh photoshop Queen ...and Happy Birthday!!!


  6. Happy Birthday!!! xx

    I am worried now, I found 3 grey hairs last week and I am 27! Well actually they were white, I think I am just going to miss the grey part. You never know I may look quite distinguished ;)

  7. I see to your 3 grey hairs and raise you 9. Ahem.

    It's not all THAT BAD... (I'm trying to convince myself here.)

    Oh well. In about 6 weeks, I'll be a year older than you.

    Happy Birthday nonetheless!

  8. happy birthday! i turned 30 recently too. it's pretty awesome actually. have a fantastic day. :)

  9. Happy Birthday from all of us! Calvin sends you a big kiss (actually a raspberry, which is his new thing). Don't worry, being "thirty-something" is great!

  10. Happy Birthday! Only 30 - thats young. I'm 40 next year - now thats scary! The grey hair thing only gets worse!! x

  11. Congrats on hitting 30. No sense in getting all grown up on us now.

  12. Hmmm I just joined the 40's club - and I can report back that life only gets better. Happy Birthday x

  13. as we're not in public and this is a totally private conversation...I'm 53. And it's not the grey hairs on your head you should worry about.

  14. LOL

    Good time of year for a birthday.... I was 31 just 2 days ago :)

    Hope you have had a lovely birthday

  15. Belated happy birthday - hope you had a fab day.
    Mine aren't even grey they are white and have a mind of their own sticking up at right angles :( at least there is always the hair dye. Maybe if i was blone I wouldn't see them, now there's a thought!