Saturday, 1 August 2009


What's wrong with this picture?

Every one loves a puzzle, so what's wrong with this picture?

a) I'm at a fair and it's not raining
b) Even if you look closely you can see no evidence that I'm wearing suncream
c) There's a mania in my eyes that suggests that I'm struggling not to itch more than 100 bug bites
d) The humidity has made my fringe only one inch long

The answer? It's all of the above!

I had a stand at the town's farmers market yesterday on the first truly hot day. Incidently, this is how the kids feel about hot weather:

I had wanted to dress them in my wares as mini billboards so they could walk about being cute. Instead they stomped about being misery-guts and complained that they wanted to go back and 'sit in the house'.

So what did I get out of the fair?
  1. I sold almost nothing, but two of my peasant tops were bought as a baby shower gift for one of the editors of Vogue. That's very cool.
  2. At the table next to me was a thirteen year old girl selling her handmade jewellery, and I got to pretend to be a responsible adult who knows what she's doing.
  3. Buttercream laden cupcakes. Unfortunately not to be eaten until my head cold goes away and I can taste things again :(
  4. Silly Sunburn Syndrome: I'm really happy. You know that necklace I wear all the time? I don't even have to wear it anymore, its design has been immortalised in sunburn on my chest.


  1. Ha ha. Another hilarious post. I've had that type of sunburn soooo many times. I once got sunburnt and had the shape of my hand on my face where I had been leaning on my hand whilst chatting. Such a good look!! Selling something for the editor of Vogue is VERY VERY cool. I hope you put lots of your cards in the bag!!

  2. ouch ouch ouch! hope you got some nice cold aloe vera on that burn pronto, i have my necklace chain scorched into my neck too!

  3. you crack me up! great news about the vogue baby shower. good luck with that!

  4. Ouch. Try (seriously, it works) malt vinegar soaked into a cloth and just holding it over the sun burn. When the cloth warms up, renew the vinegar. You will smell like a chip shop, but you won't hurt anymore. I don't know why it works, but it does.

  5. love the elbow resting mark - poor you.

  6. anyway - I'm confused. why aren't you still in america?

  7. Aloe Vera, Aloe Vera, Aloe Vera!

    Thats just a little sundance I do!

    And, so excited for you esp. after hearing you sold to the Editor of Vogue.

  8. *wince* oh dear.. *stiffles laughter and goes to watch Criminal Minds*

  9. Rofl what a shame about the sales and sunburn but what you DID sell was sooo cool! Now you need to make a sign that says "as bought by VOGUE editor" ;)