Friday, 31 July 2009


The Secret Garden

If I'm going to be boring you with my holiday pictures breaking my holiday down into intricate detail for your pleasure over the next couple of weeks, I thought I'd give you some context. My parents' house is in the middle of the woods with no neighbours for miles. They largely built it themselves, or to be more honest, the building / renovating / modifying process is an organic one that is still ongoing twenty five years later. When I was a girl, the garden space was a pretty functional space with just grass and a kickboard for practicing my soccer skills. But since I have grown up and left, my parents have turned the outdoor space into a veritable Secret Garden full of whimsical delights. It's probably no coincidence that after I left they found magic lacking in their lives.

The Gazebo

The bird house bought by me someone with impeccable taste

The frog pond looking down from the deck

The wide shot up the path

Anonymous flowers

Day lillies

The brightest blue

Looking across the frog pond back up to the house

The little gargoyle contemplating the frogs


  1. What a fabulous garden. Lovely. x

  2. Wow, secret garden indeed. How lovely:)

  3. can I come visit? I can bake and cook rather well... though you might need someone else to wash windows.

    fab magical garden! and very tasteful birdhouse!

  4. Wonderful photos of a wonderful looking garden!

  5. Hi you were tagged by Uniquelysnowflake here just copy the post & change the answers for yours, go on tell us a bit more about yourself.

  6. You're also a photographer! You and your never ending talents! :) Enjoy your stay.

  7. Stunning. If only I had a passport I'd be right over.

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