Friday, 17 July 2009


It's Criminal

Not made by me for once, can be found here

I've been watching a lot of Criminal Minds recently, mainly because it's on from midnight to 2AM. I know, I know... I'd be more productive if I didn't have the TV on, but it keeps me awake and a girl's got to have a little bit of a treat for her diligence.

As you know, I'm been on the look out for an age-inappropriate crush after Shia LaBeouf was disqualified for incestuous intentions and Josh Peck for egregious hair. To be honest, I've not been giving it too much attention with all this sewing I've been doing. So, oblivious to my quest, sewing away in the early hours, demented with fatigue, Criminal Minds on in the background .... (To save me embarrassment can anyone related to me by blood or marriage please skip forward to the next paragraph) The. Hottest. Kiss.

Yikes. I wasn't prepared for that. And I totally haven't watched that a bunch of times since.

If you're wondering so you can do your own research, his name is Matthew Gray Gubler. Technically this isn't an age-inappropriate crush, he's only a year younger than me but he was born in a different decade than me so I'm willing to bend the rules. This is what he thinks of me:

And just look, he likes doing this:

Yep, he splices pictures together. Just. Like. Me. He's posted that on his MySpace page, to show me how compatible we are.

You can learn a lot from Criminal Minds. Like last night, they were discussing how they needed to analyse the un-sub's Love Map. Well, here's mine:

All right, I'm ready for everyone to disagree....


  1. Ahahahaha! He's better than your previous, I'll give you that.

    He reminds me of Cillian Murphy. Mmmmm...

  2. *snurk* I love Criminal Minds.... I shall share your geek crush.. though my heart belongs to Dean Winchester... and er Ryan Reynolds too! and various lab geeks on the CSI for thier adorable techno geekery

  3. hmmmm...sorry, can't approve of this one either...although the photoshop/splicing photo proclivity does indicate a certain compatibility with you (and your Love Map rocks) this guys just a bit too weird...not just geeky ...maybe it's his strangely huge teeth that bother me? good kiss though...i'll give you that ;)

  4. Oh, you do make me laugh! I'm afraid I can't see the attraction with this one! He's a bit scrawny! Hehe

  5. ooh hes lovely. I like that scruffy scrawny look. Looks like he should be in a band. Good choice! You have so much in common too - you are obviously meant to be together!

  6. Oh my goodness! He was my boy crush the first season of the show, lol. Do you know he is an artist too, and he writes and models and... (I know, I'm a teenager) but he is very scrummy. Enjoy drooling :o)

  7. I'll see your "phwoar" and raise you a "woohoo"

  8. Not with you on the bloke I'm afraid... I'm more a Will Smith/David Tennant/Robbie Williams fan.

    i do however think the love map is fabulous!!! LOL @ Jamie & Ryvita and Maia & boobs!!!!!

  9. Oh the Love Map CRACKED ME UP!!!
    To be honest, I'm a little embarrassed to check out this "hottest kiss" video. Thank you for sharing that though, but I'll have to remain true to my celebrity crushes (should I divulge their names? Or should I protect their privacy, hahaha)
    Oh you've got me blushing, and heart racing just thinking about *my* celebrity crushes. Hmm...
    Maybe we should ALL blog about our celebrity age-inappropriate crushes!!!