Sunday, 19 July 2009


Treefest: Day two debrief

Today was off to a good start, because I had Friend Sarah in tow to keep me from committing harakiri company. Until we got to the field. Tent, tent, tent, tent, no tent. 'Hey Sarah,' I said, 'look, no tent!' I left my tent overnight, as did everyone else. But whose tent wasn't standing in the morning? That's right, mine. It was dissembled on the ground. 'Hmm, guess we'll have to put it back up,' I puzzled. As we started to collect the poles, one of the event staff came over. 'Good luck with that,' he smirked. 'Did you take the tents down overnight?' I asked. Because it was stormy during the night with some seriously heavy rain. 'Nup, I tore it down this morning.' I didn't think tore sounded like a very good verb. 'See, when I came in this morning, your tent was upside down on top of that tent.' Me and Sarah looked at where he was pointing. 'My tent was upside down? On that tent?' We looked again. 'Yep, it's legs were sticking up in the air.' I had a mental image:

'So I had to take it apart, and most of the poles are broken. You'll not get it back together again,' he said. 'Whatever, Humpty Dumpty. This tent is going back together again. I am not buying a new tent every single outdoor fair I do.' So Sarah and I set to task, with a lot of tape and some cardboard to reinforce the breaks. We were nothing if not ingenious. Well, nothing if not ingenious and delusional. 'What am I going to do?' I asked Sarah, 'We have to have a tent!' Because the sky looked like this:

'Well, we can't borrow his one,' I thought, looking across the way:

Another vendor suggested we ask the organisers if we could have one of their tents for the day. You know, the ones they put up so the public could cower underneath them and not get wet. And luckily they agreed.

Here's Sarah in a rare non-t-shirt-chasing moment:

Yes, she does have a scarf on in July. And here's me and my depressingly over-stocked table:

And here's the sky by the time I got home:

And here's God laughing:


  1. oh my god - i don't want to sound negative but are these fairs worth the stress? hope you sold stuff x

  2. *chuckling* (in a nice way) at your post. You are so very funny. I always refuse an outdoor fair.

  3. Oh my goodness, what on earth have you done that the karma gods are treating you like this? Any more planned this year?!

  4. I nearly wet myself reading this (laughing not for any other reason!). I think you should give up sewing and start writing comedy instead. At least you could sit inside and not get wet!! If I ever get married remind me to check if you are doing a fair that day!! x

  5. OOOOhhhhh dear! Well at least you are able to see the funny side...... well at least you are able to write funny about it!

  6. sewscrumptious has got a really good idea there. we can hire kitschycoo out to jinx the weather.

    (it *is* ok to assume I can somehow benefit financially from this, isn't it?)

  7. oh dear. it sounds like you've built enough character to last you a lifetime at this fair. love the rays of humour despite the rain!

  8. Bastard bloody UK summers!
    I've had about 3 invites to do outdoor fairs and I've just left the appliations in a pile ... unanswered.
    I'm doing one next month because I'm told it was "REALLY good" last year.
    It's on 31st August.
    A bank holiday.
    You heard.
    A bank holiday.

  9. Are there no indoor venues in Scotland? Because you'd think that fair organisers would have realised by now that northern summers are not to be trusted... Sorry you had such a pants time xxx

  10. how awful for you, i hope it all sells in your etsy/folksy shops.