Thursday, 16 July 2009


Sweat shop update

It's Treefest this weekend so I've been working assembly line trying to round out my stock. The kids were at the childminder's today so I finally finished up my two massive ongoing projects....

Thirty tunics. Here's a selection:

The only upside to making thirty tunics all at once is that I got to use my new fabrics:

This is my favourite:

Fifteen peasant tops (I already had more than 15 in my stock):

You might have seen various places that I've made most of these before, but you probably haven't seen these:

I did make both of these last summer but I gave them to my niece Isla.

As you can probably tell, I'm not feeling too effervescent. Assembly line sewing kills me.


  1. wanna swap? I'm currently assembly line knitting. 14 meerkat arms & legs & ears & eyes, 7 tails and maker's labels, and assorted star trek ranings all ready to be assembled :-(

    Your washing line displays look stunning though.

  2. What a bright beautiful decoration for the clothesline. TTFN ~Marydon

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  3. beautiful and so much work! good job! now go put your feet up and have a glass of wine :)

  4. Good luck at the week-end. Your clothes are fabulous. Hope the weather is kind!! Thanks for your advice re shirring elastic. Just what you needed when you were so busy - having to give me advice!! Got it sorted now. x