Saturday, 11 July 2009


The Coolest Gene pool in the World *TM

I hope I'm not disqualified for putting my very own gene pool forward for this award, but beyond my own progeny there are some other very cool kids that share the Kitschy Coo genes (and in some cases 'The Bothering Gene'). You've seen my gorgeous niece Isla before, but here are my other brother's children making their modelling / blog debut:

Liam sporting his five year old birthday t-shirt

And Conor sporting his Third Birthday t-shirt

The only remaining little one in my family not to make his modelling debut yet is my tiny nephew Calvin, because I have been a horrible auntie and haven't sent him anything to wear yet. Hoping to rectify that soon!


  1. oh they have the bothering gene & then some! we're looking forward to seeing you & the fam soon....