Sunday, 12 July 2009


Yay and Boo

There I was minding my own business yesterday, cutting out dozens of tunics to sew for Treefest. I was on a self-enforced ban from the computer so I could get as much as possible done before the kids were back. On the way to get another coffee I thought, 'I'll just have a little look...' And I saw that my views on Etsy had jumped up by hundreds. 'Front Page, Front Page!' I thought. But it was already gone....

There's my little Fushia and Lime Matryoshka top at the top left of this gorgeous Raspberry treasury by the very talented Jane from TheDoghouse! You can still check it out for the rest of the day to see her other gorgeous picks featuring McEtsy sellers (that's where she found me), Handmade4Hounds and Etsy for Animals.


  1. have you enquired of any of the other sellers on the treasury with you if they got a screen capture? and have you now got that nifty little pic that says the item was on the front page?? still a big yay even if you didn't see it for yourself!

  2. Thanks for the mention!

    I just love your Matryoshka top & the way you photographed it - the way the little girl wearing it looks like she's about to eat something from her hand just fit perfectly ;-)

    Are you going to be at Tree Fest next weekend then? My partner & I usually try & pop down on one of the days so maybe I'll get to meet you in person...


  3. Oh yum ... Looks good enough to eat :-)