Monday, 30 April 2012


Capturing Childhood

image courtesy of Capturing Childhood 

As I talk about in constant, tedious detail, I struggle with photography. With product shots, it might take me a hundred shots to get a handful that are acceptable. But at least product shots are repeatable; the clothes come out on another day and I try to do better. For me, the most frustrating aspect of taking sub-standard pictures is when I'm using the camera for personal and not business use. Special events, impromptu moments, holidays, and just spending time together as a family are the most important things for me to capture and I've had a lot of heartache when I've looked back on my pics.  Every single time this happens, I pester my friend Kat.  'Why does this happen?!', I whine on Twitter.  'What is going on?!', I post on her facebook wall.  'I have attached an album of terrible pictures for you to explain', I email.

Finally, Kat got so sick of me* that she collaborated with another fantastic photographer named Kat and together they designed a e-course specifically for capturing the everyday moments of having kids.  It's a six week module with a group of people all learning at the same time through weekly blog posts, assignments and plenty of scope to engage with and support each other.  And here's the video:

It made me a little bit tearful...... anyone else? Just me then.

So now I'm all signed up** and raring to go.  I'm really looking forward to learning heaps of things.  Kat's really looking forward to me not pestering her.  If you want to find out more, clickety click.

*This may not technically be true. I am very irritating though.
** This is not in any way a sponsored post and I gladly paid the full rate!


  1. Are those Kitschy Coo pants I see in the video? I'd love to read a review after you're done. :)

    1. They are indeed! She took a lot of my promo and product shots after I wailed at her about my paltry attempts :)

  2. What a lovely post!! Thanks!

    (and yay I can finally comment on your blog, as it will never let me!)

  3. You have me bang to rights: almost certainly* inspired by you....