Saturday, 28 April 2012


The Cityscape Jumpsuit

city jumpsuit close

I didn't get a huge amount of fabric when we were last in the States, but I did pick of three colourways of Lizzy House city scenes.  I mean, who can resist?  Other people, probably.

city jumpsuit shorts

There have been rumours there is a season called 'summer', with a warming yellow orb in the sky so it is possible to have bare arms and legs. 

city jumpsuit top

This so-called 'summer' happens in America and some other countries I believe. 

city jumpsuit full

You can also take pictures outdoors there.


  1. Cool, I've been thinking of making something similar for tiny, will have to now.cos that's v cute.

  2. I've stopped believing in summer. Preparations for summer this year include investing in a decent waterproof and not buying any sundresses for Munchkin like I did last year because it will just depress me when I find them in a draw 9 months later with the labels still on :(

  3. I live in hope of summer... This orb you speak of must visit us soon!! Cute wee outfit!! :)

  4. I love your jumpsuits. I remember seeing them last year and promising I was going to make some for Rheya and Anara...did I? NO! I would promise to make them this year, but I'll only disappoint myself.

  5. hahaha. summer is just a myth, surely? especially for those of you in scotland (i grew up there altho now living down south). love that outfit - no wonder you went for that print - it's gorgeous! must see if it is in the shop!

  6. I love this outfit, and surely miss summer!

  7. I'm so with you on the summer! I used to visit my brother in Dundee during my summer holidays - and spend the evenings sitting inside my sleeping bag. Now I can mock from my (sunny!) south coast vantage point. :-)