Monday, 23 April 2012


Dolman Cool Cat

dolman cool cat top 3

It's a busy time of the year for sew-alongs*!  Right on the back of the Spring Top Sewalong is Elsie Marley's Kid's Clothes Week.  Theoretically I should be able to participate in this one more, as I sew kids clothes for a living and all.

dolman cool cat top 6

So first up is this dolman top, a pattern that I drafted last summer, used precisely once, and then bunged in my to-do pattern pile. My, my, the girl has certainly grown in a year.  Using the same size (which I remembered as being too big), this top has come up a bit small.

dolman cool cat top 4

It's that belly / bum double whammy. As always.

dolman cool cat top 1

Until a couple of hours ago, I thought of a dolman style tee as being a pattern for the girls but now that I've seen it on I think it'd be cute on boys too.  What do you think, mums-of-boys and people-with-opinions?

*I'm actually fomenting plans for my very own sew-along and the pattern I have in mind is for girls.  If there's enough dissent by disgruntled boy-sewers, I'll rethink though. Speak now or forever hold your peace!


  1. Such a cute top (and model)

    We need to get our girls together because Maia reminds me so much of Rheya. They even have the same hair! Colour, length, straighness and that whispy bit at the front (that everyone keeps calling a fringe and it's not a damn fringe, it's just baby hair that never seems to grow)

  2. I like that style of top but I would have to see it on a boy to pass judgement on its boyness. I'm not sure...
    And you have edumacated me today, I had to look up 'fomenting'.

  3. Would love to see this on a boy to see if it works... But a sew-along including boys wear would defo get my vote! :)

  4. Please count me amongst the boy-voters...there's SO MUCH for girls sewing-wise (though the situation is at last improving) that the world could always use more boy sewalongs et al.

  5. I have a boy and when he was that age, he gave me fits over it being for a girl when I tried it. It's cute and all, but definitely more to the feminine side. YMMV of course.

  6. i think you could use it for a boy - stripes would be lovely! but whjat does Jamie think?

    And i vote for a girl's sewalong!

  7. disgruntled boy sewer chiming in - would love to sew along with you!

  8. A a boy mama it looks fine. Would need to square off the sleeves a little, or make them shorter. =)

  9. i am a person with an opinion. i think a boy sew-along would be awesome. no matter what you select, i can stick a ruffle on it or make it hot pink and ta-da! girl!