Friday, 7 November 2008


Because nothing says 'I love you' like terrible cake

Something strange is going on here... my sewing abilities seem to be inversely proportional to my baking abilities. For those of you are are technically / visually minded here is an illustration:

As you can see, as sewing ability has increased, baking ability has decreased. Like all good experiments, I needed a 'constant', in this case 'dorkiness'. 'Dorkiness' has remained more-or-less the same, an example of which is making silly graphs, which I did when I worked for The Man to amuse my collegues and continue to do now to amuse, well, myself.

Confronted with Steven's birthday, I pondered store-bought versus home-baked cake but thought, 'Pah, I can make one, no bother'. I spent more on ingredients than it would have cost to buy one from the store. I assembled, mixed, separated, pre-heated, greased lightly... When checking on said cake, here is the scene that unfolded:

The molten core of the cake spilled forth and spread through the oven making a second 'sub-cake'. The top of the cake crisped and hardened and yet the internal lava still dripped and expanded. For two hours. At which time the souffle cake was taken out and left overnight.

As you might remember, for Jamie's birthday I made him a Super Why cake as he loves him the best of all his cartoon chums. Wanting to mess with his wee mind (surely one of the perks of having children), I decided to make Steven a Fifi and the Flowertots cake. Fifi is one of Jamie's less favoured cartoon incarnations, but it was Steven's birthday afterall and I rather think he has a soft-spot for her, lingering slightly longer than necessary when Jamie requests we turn her off. Anyway, I thought it would be funny if the kids believed that everyone, little or big, got cartoon cakes for their birthday and that their dad's favourite was Fifi. (See 'dorkiness' above.)

Anyway, here is the finished cake. In the end, my rendition was so rubbish that the fact that it was meant to be Fifi was lost. Tasted all right though.

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  1. I bet this was too much bicarb. I read dorkiness as darkness :)