Thursday 20 November 2008


Eco dances

One of my Craftster cohorts has an awesome blog featuring lots of crafty / sewing things that I check out periodically. I was naturally drawn to one of her recent posts entitled 'I almost wet my pants' and there was a screenshot of 'The Eco Dance'. Intrigued, I clicked through to the source and there was a video of a person crazy dancing. With a slightly off-kilter face. Hmm, that looks a bit like the blog's author. And there was a link to 'Create your own Eco danceagram' . The penny dropped. You could upload your face and thereby become the crazy dancer (and advertise their store but never mind that bit). Or, if you're after double the fun, you could upload other people's faces. Like Steven. And Maia. Poor Jamie escaped this fate as I figured the poor mite gets enough ridicule on my blog....

To watch Steven do the Eco dance, click here. For Maia's, click here.

On a completely different note, here are the giveaways that opened on Etsybaby blog today. Alphabulous is offering two free iron-on fabric numbers, Goldtonedesigns is giving away a Travelling Friends Sensory Key Toy, and Littlebirdcreations's prize is an iron-on Cardinal patch. Entries are still pretty low for some of the prizes, so get your comments on there for a really good chance of winning something for free!

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