Tuesday, 25 November 2008


Jamie devises a new sort of Rorschach test

I was at a craft fair in Glasgow on Sunday so Steven was looking after the kids all day. He is quite exuberant with the camera, so I am normally greeted with a montage of the day when I get home. Flipping through, I see the kids hanging out on the couch (awww...). Check out how she studies him and positions herself exactly like he has. Then some playing with balloons (sweet...), Eating apples with Uncle Darren (nice...). But wait, what's this? Why did he take a picture of a stain on our carpet? It's certainly not a unusual occurence in our house, and I don't think cataloguing them would do my self esteem any good...

A Rorschach test normally consists of ink blots and is used by psychologists to try to examine the personality characteristics and emotional functioning of their patients. They look like this:

Apparently, Jamie had an accident and said, 'Look, Daddy, a bicycle!' Wonder what psychologists would make of his assessment? Or indeed, Steven taking a picture of it?

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