Friday, 21 November 2008


Folksy finds wallets

I've got wallets on the brain as mine is in such bad shape. I'm not a girly girl in the least, and although I like handbags in principle and admire them from afar, I feel like a fraud wearing anything more than a utilitarian shoulder bag. And funky, trendy bags look a bit incongruous with hoodies and jeans (or at least my hoodies and jeans). So wallets are small, and hidden, and a safe way for me to feel cool without the angst. I know, I'm a weirdo.

After last Friday's Etsy treasury, I'm doing Folksy this week. I'm still not sure about blog etiquette as far as using people's pictures, so it's worth saying that all items are available to purchase on Folksy and images are the property of the maker.

This wallet is by Plump Pudding and I love the fact it's so bright and cheerful. The ribbon and badge are a nice touch.

This caterpillar purse by Kitty eden is so adorable, I love the whimsical look of the applique against the black and white polkat dot fabric.

This ladybug wallet by Yunisacs is made from Echino fabric from Japan. I am officially in love with Echino fabric, but haven't bought any yet. Yunisacs makes great use of fabric in her handbags too.

This isn't a purse or wallet as such, but this frog zippered pouch by Nicsknots could probably accommodate all the godforsaken coinage I accrue when I'm in the States. The frog fabric, like most of the cute animal prints, is Japanese.

This sweet Mr Toast wristlet has a happy face and lovely appliqued heart.
Words can't describe this awesome funky chicken wallet from yumptatious, I love it. It says 'Ain't nowt wrong with loving a chicken'. Wiser, more random words have never been contained on a change purse. And that chicken applique is really well done.

This change purse from Sow's Ear has a lovely colour-scheme and looks really classy. She has quite a few in her shop that I adore.

This American Trilogy wallet from KMC Designs is made from clear duct tape encasing words from the song. I love the usage of non-traditional materials, especially in conjunction with nostalgia of the words and typeface.

I keep coming back for more looks at this lovely (and super functional!) wallet from Abi Bansal. I'm also wisting after some of her clothes, I love her style.

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  1. Hey! Thanks for blogging about my wallet! I'm not much of a girly girl either! (I the amount of duct tape I own gives that one away :))