Sunday 10 July 2011


Girl's Gone Scandi

cloud top full

To clarify the title: Clouds are Scandi. Bubblegum pink trilbies emphatically not.

cloud top band
I tried out a new design with my newly minted obession with dolman sleeves, added a plain white neck-binding (trialing the coverstitch machine at inappropriate should-be-packing-or-sleeping-last-minuteness) and a waistband. Slightly more Eighties Revival than intended due to the loucheness of neckline, but with the 70s getting a shout out from The Disco Dress it's probably quite apt...


  1. That's a brilliant top and my word, she's working the trilbies and specs look. I'm all in favour or trilbies'n'specs; it's a staple of my accessories wardrobe. Good girl.

  2. Can't wait to see your 90s tribute. Love the hat, too.

  3. LOVE the top the clouds rock!! :)

  4. Love the colour. No chance of getting run over wearing that!

  5. Super cute!! My little Moomin would LOVE that top and hat combo!! Beautiful! :)

    Gemma x