Tuesday 26 July 2011


Of boys and cars

Meaningful conversation

My normal drill is to bring a couple of projects with me to the States in cut form to be sewn together on my mum's machine. And then they come back to the UK still in cut form. I'm not very good about sewing on holiday, but I like to pretend that I might be. I did manage (by virtue of being a Super Quick Thing) to finish these matching jams for Jamie and Calvin from Orla Kiely car fabric.

Indulgent smile

I love catching Jamie smiling adoringly at people, although it's kind of his default.

Little and large

Being sylph-hipped, his are more of the skinny leg variety than Calvin's, which needed room for a nappy.

The runaway

And for quick getaways. This is one of about 267 pictures I have of Calvin evading pictures, and of various people looking at camera like, 'Is this kid for real?'

Croquet lesson

He's is so preternatually busy that you have a very small window in which to catch him stationary.

Small car jams

Although the chance to dissemble things doesn't normally pass him by.

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  1. Where to start? The sweet heart of your boy? The delicious curls on Mr. Calvin? The total awesomeness of the fabric? I'm overcome.