Saturday 9 July 2011


You and Me for another year

You and Me jumpsuit full

Due to time constraints before our trip, rather than entirely making a summer wardrobe from scratch I pulled out the clothes I made for last summer to see if I could extend them for another year.

You and Me jumpsuit close

This picture is a rough approximation of how this garment started, as a simple peasant top. A three inch vertical jump in height from last summer meant it was showing rather more belly than intended though, so it became a jumpsuit.

You and Me jumpsuit back

Another year of wear, and another year of evading photo attempts.


  1. Do you sell these? Id love one for my daughter

  2. It looks fab! Love that fabric. x

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  4. Yes, Anon, I'm happy to make these to order! Drop me an email on amanda(at) :)