Wednesday 6 July 2011


Michael Crichton's new medical thriller will be about our holiday

Ill boy

Despite radio silence we've arrived Stateside safe and sound. So many plans we had for swimming, playgrounds, ice cream, excursions, lounging, shopping, sewing (a little bit anyway)... instead we've been stuck down with a mystery illness and we're dropping like flies. Jamie was first five days ago and is still afflicted, me next, then Maia, then Grandma, then Steven, and now Cousin Isla is sporting the telltale husky voice and googly eyes. A fever that oscillates between 100 and 104 deg is not that much fun when the outside temperature is not much less! Hopefully we'll be on the mend soon and I'll finish the Pin-Up Bathing Suit tutorial series and post some pics of my last-minute holiday sewing.... How is everyone else? What have I missed?


  1. So unfair! weren't you ill lat summer vacation too? Or am I over-sympathising? Get well soon.

  2. Two summers ago I was ridiculously ill with what I suspect was swine flu, but, yes, I normally fall ill every time we come. The kids don't usually though!

  3. Not fair! This is supposed to be your holiday! I hope you're all feeling better soon...

  4. You don't seem to have a lot of luck on holidays. Hope you all feel better soon.

  5. It's flying on those stupid germ cans that does it to me every time, too. I hope everyone gets on the mend soon. Poor, sweet boy in your picture. :(

  6. I know he's poorly, but that picture of Jamie is beautiful!
    Hope you all start feeling better soon.
    x K