Friday, 21 October 2011


If you like then you shoulda put a sleeve on it

fox party frock

After the success of the Cinderella Couch Dress, my friend Justine asked me to make another party frock for her daughter with my recent(ish) haul of fabrics. 'I have the perfect fabric in mind,' I said, 'My precious foxes!' She couldn't believe that I'd be willing to part with some given how often I've been using it. My reputation clearly preceeds me.

fox party frock sleeve

But part with it I did, and at Justine's request I added a short puff sleeve to the party frock pattern. I admit there was much staring and frowning required to figure out how to integrate a sleeve into a fully lined bodice so the seams were hidden. I got there in the end but the process definitely had me flummoxed. In the end I sewed it in the round to the shell fabric and then sewed the shell and lining together with the sleeve hiding between... Can anyone point me in the direction of an easy(ier) way to do this?


  1. Adorable!! I always end up hand felling the lining to the sleeve, so if you've conceived a way to do it by machine, I'd LOVE to hear about it!

  2. That is darling! Whenever I make a casual dress like that with a bodice lining, I do not try to hide the sleeve seam. Instead, I sew the lining and the bodice together at the sleeve hole and then put i the sleeve. To finish it off I serge around the armhole leaving a small (less that 1/4") seam neatly finished off. It always looks and feels nice!

  3. I never hide the seam either though I
    ve lined the sleeves and then the seams are hidden.

  4. No help here on the sleeve seam issue, but that title really made me giggle! Oh, and I forgot to leave comment the other day, but the Angry Birds "nailed it" cake was awesome. I still laugh thinking about it.

  5. Oh my how we love this dress!! Next time the little lady wears it I shall be sure to snap a picture and blog it!! Don't forget any more quirky fabrics you have I need to know about them!! A girl can never have too many dresses!!!

  6. I am no expert but I recently made this dress if it helps?

    I made two dresses and then rolled the seam up.
    Fab fabric!