Tuesday, 18 October 2011


The Jetsetter Pouches

jetsetter pouches

I've been so wrapped up in this internet malarkey, I omitted to tell you about Belfast. Actually, I've been so wrapped up in this internet malarkey that I've forgotten Belfast. Distant memory, my friends.

jetsetter pouches brown

But I did make us these matching purse-sized makeup bags so that we would fit in at the swanky hotel.

jetsetter pouches blue

Once we flashed these around a bit we got special treatment everywhere. The only downside to our VIP experience was the bedding situation:

belfast hotel
As chaperones at my middle school dances would have said, 'Leave room for the Holy Ghost'.

I was very much looking forward to the rose-strewn king feather bed (I might have gone so far to taunt some of my mum friends on Facebook about it), but unknownst to me Ruth made it to the hotel first and asked to be switched to a room with single beds. Can you believe this? She bed-blocked me. But obviously, once the receptionist had been asked for single beds I couldn't go back and say, 'Well, actually....' without appearing to have nefarious intentions.

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