Tuesday 11 October 2011


The birds were Angry before. Now they're Ashamed.

jamies birthday 065

It was the boy's sixth birthday on Sunday. I know, right? SIX. I tried to negotiate with him to be five again (because I really enjoyed his five year old self) but we put it to a family vote and majority ruled he should be six. Maia voted for him to be a baby again. Other than cake and presents, it was pretty much business as usual.

jamies birthday 078
Pictured: business as usual.

Oh, cake you say?..... Welcome back 'terrible baking' tag.

angry birds cake
Inspiration from here. I dunno, a bit 'meh'.

angrybirds fail

Amazing, flawless, stunning, etc.

jamies birthday 090

Cue bemused expressions. Yes, Jamie, I seriously did do that.

jamies birthday 099

She might have danced, but she couldn't bear to look.


  1. Unlike clothes, it's not what cakes look like that counts. Mine always look like crap, but they generally taste pretty great. I do think you should stick to the sewing thing though...

  2. Look, the main thing is, there is one helluva lot of chocolate icing on there. And THAT'S WHAT COUNTS. When you're 6.

  3. I big fluffy heart you! You make the sort of cakes I make. They look one way inside my head and another in real life. Its what's on the inside that counts though, right?

  4. Brilliant!!

    I need you to make cake for me, just smiling to myself now :))

    Happy Birthday big man xxxx

  5. you rock ... what a great cake!

  6. The 'NAILED IT' picture made me laugh out loud. fantastic cake! x

  7. Sick with laughter KC. Pinning that right now...

  8. I read this like half an hour ago and I am still laughing. I will probably wake up laughing about it in the middle of the night and find I've peed myself a little bit.

  9. I love your cakes!
    As the family cake baker I am always amazed at how tolerant everyone is about quality of the "design" as long as they get to eat it!

  10. You invented a new animal - the frogpig :)

  11. I think I might have just wet myself a little bit laughing!! I snorted out loud and am still laughing 5 mins later...in a good way!!! You totally rock the birthday cake thing and that cake will be remembered for EVER!!

  12. You should go and check out the Cake Wrecks site! It'll make you feel better! Xx

  13. This makes me feel better after seeing your perfect, multi-step cake pops. But I accuse you of doing this intentionally just to have an awesome nailed it picture.

  14. Love the nailed it photo! I'm also a terrible baker and have embarrassed my son with my dismal attempts. Maybe there's a support group available?

  15. You should consider submitting to this site: http://craftfail.com/