Monday, 31 October 2011


The Viking Raid

Full length 2

Seeing as I started with a Viking Hat for The Train to Crazy's Handmade Dress Up Series, I thought I'd finish with two full blown Viking costumes for Halloween.


We had two parties over the weekend, a nursery party this morning, and we're out guising tonight so at least they're getting heaps of wear for the million hours I spent on them. I've taken more than two hundred pictures so far and haven't been able to catch a single full length picture where they are both in focus and looking normal.

Full length 1

A brown jersey tunic for the boy, a red velveteen tunic for the girl, four faux fur legwarmers, four faux fur arm warmers, two faux fur capelets, ten faux suede ties, and two padded and stuffed hats. By my calculations, that's about ten different hateful fabrics. And I have a (probably fatal) lung condition from all the faux fur I inhaled.

slightly dopey

The Nordic talismans on the capelets were purchased from a shaman on Ebay. No joke.

like a boss

See how they strut the streets of Edinburgh like a boss. But wait... isn't something missing?

viking vampire

My screwed up Freudian Viking Projection Fantasy is complete.


  1. You know, as I was scrolling through these pictures I was thinking "Wow, all she needs now is the fangs" Too funny! Your obsession is showing. :)

  2. Those are some darn cute vikings! And who needs normal? In focus is usually a stretch for me...