Thursday 8 December 2011


The Dread Lego Lord

lego hoodie ominous view blue

There's nothing actually dreadful about this hoodie (I hope), but I think the angle of this shot quite foreboding. Or maybe I'm just reading too much George RR Martin*. Probably both.

lego hoodie full blue

I must be full of the Christmas spirit, however, as I'm letting people freely order things with the last of my precious hoarded fabrics.

lego hoodie detail blue

Such small pieces require a bit of ingenuity, however, and I pieced this side with horizontal strips of blue twill, red twill and lego fabric.

lego hoodie black side full

And for the other side horizontal stripes on black twill.

lego hoodie black side hood

With an accent to the hood. The tiniest bit of the lego fabric remains in the stash and the world collectively weeps.

**All right, who has read the George RR Martin books and would like to enter therapy with me in the hope of getting a group discount? I am almost finished part two of book three and I AM HARROWED.


  1. Oh my sign me up! I'm just behind you, just read the part with Sansa and Tyrion, oh my.

    Did you know they are currently filming in Iceland (where I'm from)? And they let it slip that some of the characters in the books do not get to live in the films!!

  2. I finished all of them this Spring on audio. Since I listen to audio books mostly while I exercise it was hard to stay composed on the elliptical. Since I did them all in a row I don't know where you are in the story (they are all one long story in my mind). But yeah, it doesn't get much better. Group therapy is definitely called for.

  3. I've read them all too and can only suggest that you allow your ability to bid farewell to your stash to also apply to characters from the Seven Kingdoms.

  4. Yes to the therapy! And I sincerely hope that the next installment is not years away...

  5. I heard that they were filming in Iceland, that makes me even more determined to go one day! It'll be interesting to see the next series, as the first one was so close to the book.

    Lynn, how long did that take you?! Wasn't a single book like 56 hours?

  6. Emmy, that is the perfect comment.

  7. I didn't know you read them, darcey! We can talk it out soon.

  8. yes, sign me up. I just finished book 5. I'm pretty sure the one remaining character that I liked just got killed. Someone referenced "taking the black" today in real life, and I immediately wondered what they had done to have to go to the wall. I need to read a mindless chick lit book now, preferably with a half naked man named "brock" on the cover. A cheaper version of therapy.

    Good luck slogging through book 4, btw.

  9. According to iTunes I spent 8.2 days in Westeros and surrounding areas. And that doesn't count the time I spent googling maps and things that you don't get on the audio. It took me, hmmm...maybe three or four months? The good news is, I did spend a lot of extra time on the elliptical. Although sometimes I would sigh as it took hours and hours and HOURS for my favorite characters to bubble back up.

    The narrator for all but one of the books was so good. They replaced him for one book due to scheduling conflicts and the new guy was so irritating. He made Daenreys sound like an old crone and it bugged the crap out of me. I'll probably re-listen to them at some point since it will likely be seven years or so to the next one.

  10. I have YARDS of that fabric, and have been trying to figure out hwo to use it. I will be ripping of your hoodie promptly when I get home.

  11. Oh. You poor thing.

    It doesn't get any better.