Friday 2 December 2011


Venturing into ridiculous territory. Or just Scandinavia.

What to you get when you cross a nun and a knight?

balaclava side

Elefanthue. That is, apparently, the technical name for this hat / hood / scarf lovechild. Google Translate kept telling me it meant 'elephant' in English and I was mighty confused by the relevancy but then I spelled it correctly and out spat 'balaclava'. Linguists, how can 'elefanter' mean 'elephants' and 'elefantheur' mean 'balaclavas'? That's some pretty weird stuff.

balaclava smile

Needless to say, this balaclava was very popular with the under-four-feet-tall set and was modelled by Maia, Maia's friend, Jamie, and Jamie's friend. And me. Eighty percent of testers wanted their own out of snazzier fabrics, twenty percent wished she they hadn't looked in the mirror.

What say you, hive-mind, snazzy fabric at the ready or snazzy fabric under lock and key?


  1. Oh will you have a tutorial/pattern available for this? My son is Autistic and his safety net is putting things over his head just like that but blankets/towels etc. I want to make him something like this to see if he'd wear it since he gets frustrated blankets won't stay where he wants them.

  2. Crystal's idea for it sounds great, I can see how it would work really well as a comfort blanket for her son. But as a stylish winter accessory? Ummm, mebbe not. I much prefer your earflap hat and snood combo :)
    P.s. Maia looks a bit like an owl in the first picture.

  3. I would absolutely wear one of those, particularly when in Scotland. And yes, in snazzier fabric.

    I think "yes, but in snazzier fabric" might be the answer to life, the universe and everything, actually.

  4. Such a fabulous post! These look so cozy!

  5. Kids don't really do understated do they? so I'd go for snazzy.
    ps. Woo! no eye patch!

  6. Snazzier fabric - tick. Cozy, warm, practical - tick. But perhaps only for the under four-foot brigade though. On the same basis that the hat I have just finished knitting in cashmere in an incredibly beautiful complicated pattern says 'bag lady' every time I look in the mirror :(

  7. BALACLAVA! In Winnipeg, balaclavas mean sledding time :D But we're kind of famous for our ridiculously cold weather. I think I am now old enough to revert back to long johns, I'm past being cool, right? Long johns and a balaclava and I'm all set.

  8. Actually in Danish 'elefant' does means elephant and 'hue' mean cap/hat.
    I don't know why it is called that but it is a well known word in the Danish language:-)
    I was surprised to find that the Danish term is the same as the technical term...