Tuesday 6 December 2011


The Geek Exchange Programme

android ipad cover detail

My web guru (hired through this very blog!) did a stellar job pimping my shop up, and even had the kindness to except partial payment for his services in textile form. To his son, a lego t-shirt; but to the guru the spoils: a space invader iPad cover. Aren't we ironic trendy hipsters putting Androids on our Apples? Yes.

android ipad cover with ipad

For illustrative purposes, this photo shows it with my rather lacklustre and forlorn iPad 1. His iPad is an ipad 2. I was determined not to be impressed by it (as any iPad is a joy and a blessing), but I was consumed with jealousy for the magic magnetic be-coloured screen protector in apple green.

android ipad cover back

As punishment for having nicer things than me befits an iPad with integrated screen protection, I omitted the neoprene inner lining I usually use for my covers but in my infinite magnanimity still bequeathed a handy back zippered pocket.


  1. ohhh. I needs that fabrics. My precious...

  2. Its mine, all mine :-)

    And the t-shirt is pretty darn good too, though sadly it doesn't fit me.

  3. Argh, the apostrophe fell off in t'interwebs. Me not illiterate, honest.