Thursday, 3 May 2012


I may be tricky but I might be missing a trick or two

I've been concentrating so hard recently on making clothes that showcase my new stretch fabrics that I've put my woven stash on the back burner. Not literally of course, that would be at best fool-hardy and at worst sacrilege.  But the fact remains that almost all of the emails I get for custom orders are for clothes out of woven fabrics.  This week alone, I've been asked about making four rainbow dresses, three tunics, and a coat. And I know that the woven items I sell through Monkey and Bo are very popular.

My original plan with opening the fabric shop was to streamline my clothing line, but maybe I've been thinking so much about which direction I was taking the business that I lost sight of what my customers want.  Which admittedly might be variety.

So, do you want to see frocks and tunics and jumpsuits in the shop?  My woven stash can certainly take some bashing!


  1. That blue dress is cute as well and I actually have the same fabric, but in red. Now you are giving me and idea to make a little dress for my little girl. Lovely clothes you made!

  2. I LOVE the rainbow striped dress/ awesome...some little girl will absolutely be thrilled with that :)

  3. Love the rainbow striped dress!!!