Sunday, 6 May 2012


The Side-eye Skirt

fuchsia cloud skirt detail 

The recipient of this birthday skirt is one of Maia's childminding cohorts, who despite her tender age of just two has the most legendary side-eye I've ever witnessed.  When I arrive to pick Maia up, she runs her big blue eyes over me from head to toe and then gives me the side-eye.  Now that I've stopped checking my hair / face / clothes, it's hilarious.

fuchsia cloud skirt bc
Pictured: Skirt    Not pictured: Segue between topics

One can never say 'I was looking forward to doing my VAT return', but I was interested to see how I did in my first quarter with the new business direction.  And..... my turnover was 180% higher than last quarter so I couldn't be more chuffed!  It's not something I've ever talked about here, but my pattern sales nose-dived last year and financially the business just wasn't viable anymore without me making changes.  Jacking it in and going back to working for The Man was looking more and more alluring, what with the regular pay cheques and hours. In my heart, though, I wanted to preserve this little life of mine so I took a gamble (if you can call eight months of dithering and over-researching a gamble) with the fabric and hopefully this will continue to grow.  A huge thank you to my friends / readers / customers, I'm massively grateful for how supportive and encouraging you have been.


  1. Love the skirt, Makes me think of Wonder Woman for some reason lol
    And Woohoo on the Business. Onwards and upwards :D

  2. Congratulations!! And loving the two year old with the side eye!!

  3. Congratulations on the surging business! FWIW, I'd be glad to buy more patterns if you put in the dress and top. I love your patterns because they're easy to follow and don't require dealing with tissue or tracing. Maybe a few new things there would also help?

  4. I just realized that "surging" business could be interpreted as an attempt to make a pun. Please be assured that I don't do that.

  5. lol I was thinking the same thing and singing the theme tune in my head "Wonder Woman!" which indeed you are :) x

  6. Haha that side eye is too funny. Yaaaay for your business!

  7. great news! lovely skirt - those prints are great together. i think i ran out of sizes on a lot of your patterns as quite a few only go up to 3t and my lanky monkey is hurtling towards 4.