Thursday 17 May 2012


Matchy McMatcherson

yellow mushroom skirt and top 2

Do not be fooled by the appearance of a dress.

yellow mushroom skirt waistband 3

It's actually separates!  Which is good for us as we've mislayed the brown leggings we'd normally pair with this top. 

yellow mushroom skirt hem

As all previous tennis skirts have been made from cotton / lycra jerseys, I wanted to show how using an interlock gives the skirt a slightly different shape.  Without the added lycra that lends the jersey extra weight, the interlock drapes into gentle folds rather than holding the a-line shape.


  1. Cute! I might be greedy now and make a skirt and top from little red, rather than two skirts (one to give away). I was afraid it would be too matchy but a faux dress in these prints looks cute!

  2. Aww - very cute indeed!