Friday, 11 May 2012


Now is the summer of our discontent

Little Red Riding Hood tennis skirt waistband

Someone re-write the Bible quick: forty days and nights of rain is no big deal. I think we're on day 113, at the very least.  Oh, and highs of 6 deg in May (that's low 40's Fahrenheit fans)?  THE SHEER CRUELTY. It's driving me demented, truly.

Little Red Riding Hood tennis skirt full

Now that I've gotten my British small talk out of the way, here's a Little Red Tennis Skirt with a brown cloud waistband.   Also feel free to admire the lovely red asymmetrical sweater that my mum knitted Maia.  Making things that are asymmetrical runs in out family. 


  1. Love the skirt, might just have to buy some of that fabric! Jumper is gorgeous, I wish my Mum knitted!

    The weather is even worse than usual, what do you bet that it brightens up over the next 6 weeks till end of term then it pisses with rain for the next 6 weeks...!! BBC says sun for tommorrow... then rain for the next 4 days!


  2. I love the whole outfit and that sweet smile. At least she doesn't seem to be suffering in the cold, what with the comfy sweater and all.

    I just got back from a trip and was so delighted that my little red was waiting for me. Time to sew a birthday present!