Saturday 13 April 2013


The Pettiskirtery

pettiskirts 3

Last Saturday my good friend Clare got married as the sun made its first springtime appearence.


It was a small service up at the registry office but Maia and I took the bus up to catch them as they came out as married people.

Clare and Steve

Not just to share the joy of these happy, lovely people but because I made the flowergirl pettiskirts!

pettiskirts 2

Not gonna lie, these were a labour of love.  Three different colours, four separate pettiskirt layers in each...

pettiskirts 6

The bottom tiers are a massive three metres in length (that's almost 10ft imperial fans) pre-gathering, and I did that twelve times.  And then the next tier twelve times, and the next tier twelve times. So much gathering.  Remember when you played too much Tetris and lay in bed at 2am thinking about how to fit your furniture together and make it disappear? I lay in bed thinking about gathering All The Things.

pettiskirt 1

The waistbands are made of gold silk shatung and I handstitched bows to the back.  This is testament to how much I love Clare, I never handstitch anything.

pettiskirts 8

The mother-of-bride / grandmother-of-the-girls embellished the cardigans and wands to snazzy them up and tie everything together.

pettiskirts 7

And the shoes! Oh my goodness, the shoes.  Have you ever seen anything so cute?



  1. That is a LOT of gathering. I just did one round on an evening dress skirt and that was enough for me for tonight, I will build up to the lining tomorrow! The twirlies look so cute!

  2. Too wonderful. And I LOL'd at the Tetris comment because not only have I done that with sewing projects (might have been the pettiskirts actually) but I am currently mentally doing it with candy crush. All things in the world must match colors and disappear.

  3. They are so beautiful! Good job!

  4. The shoes were awesome but the skirts were sooo cute and amazing! Thank you xxxx

  5. Gorgeous skirts for gorgeous girlies!! :) Loving the wands that Clare's Mum made too!

  6. I'm impressed! That's so much gathering!!

  7. These are super adorable. The cardis are perfectly complementary too. :)

  8. Fantastic job! They look so cute:)

  9. dude mr. Air stuff really has something for petti skirts *lifted eyebrow* the skirts look fabulous, and the bride looks AMAZING!

  10. Cuuuuuuute - the funkiest flower girls I ever did see

  11. Those are so pro Amanda! And you crack me up. Hahaha...Tetris.

  12. kirsty Milligan16 April 2013 at 13:49

    Rosie absolutely loves her skirt. And is so impressed she's on the internet haha x

  13. those are adorable! Love the bow around the waist!!!