Sunday, 7 April 2013


Skater Dress Pattern Tour: The Train to Crazy

The final stop on the Skater Dress Pattern Tour is here, with the very special Andrea from The Train to Crazy! I wager there's not a single one of you who hasn't come across Andrea before. She's the woman behind Go To Patterns, for a start.  These are all patterns that she has designed and you'll see my version of one of them this shortly!


There are lots of helpful tutorials and round-ups on the associated Go To Sew site, but also a wealth of sewing, blogging, cooking, techy, and lifestyle information on her personal blog The Train To Crazy:

Oh. And in her 'free time' (on top of all this pattern designing and being super helpful and rearing four kids), she's recently launched a new venture in graphic design and media kits to help people out who are busier than her. Are there people busier than her? Probably not. So she's probably helping people out who are less savvy at graphic design and media kits, which means everyone and yours truly.

Without further ado and with a riotous drumroll... the final dress of the Skater Dress Pattern Tour!

Click on through for the whole post and a fantastic photoshoot. Did I mention that she takes great pics as well?


  1. Hip hip hooray! Congratulations on an awesome pattern tour, ma'friend!

  2. Really enjoyed your pattern tour and all the lovely people you have introduced to me along the way. I am just a revisiting beginner and have enjoyed lots of inspiration.