Saturday, 27 April 2013


KCW: Hosh Pants and Colour-blocked Tee

hosh pants close text

It's been more than a year since I've gotten Maia to wear woven trousers for more than an hour or two.  They're too tight! They're too itchy! They're too uncomfortable!  To be fair, she has a very valid point;  We have had zero success with store-bought jeans or woven trousers.  Largess in the hip department (for reference she has the same waist to hip ratio as I do) means that despite fitting through the legs, jeans and trousers can rarely be pulled up past her bum even with a fly.  It's an exercise that flies uncomfortably close to body shaming and, ergo, one best avoided. 

hosh pants full 3  

Enter EmmyLouBeeDoo's Hosh Pants pattern!  The cut sounded very promising for Maia's body- slim through the legs but with extra room to the rear, a nice higher rise, and an elastic to the back to eliminate the dreaded gapping. The pattern only goes up to age five but I graded it up to a six for length and used Maia's measurements through the hips to adjust the back section and rise.  The result... woven trousers that got a full day's wear!

The fabric is a lovely stretch sateen that I had left over from the Catriona Dress.  I also made a colour-blocked dolman tee as she's seriously lacking non-patterned basics.  Wondering what that is on the ground?


This weather is killing me.


  1. I love those! Charlotte has the same issue with pants. Her waist is 20in and her hips are 24in. She's so my body type.

  2. Love these! Can't wait until Eddie can get into some Hosh pants goodness! You need to send all your handmedowns this way btw, just sayin

  3. The fit on the pants look great and I love the color blocked Dolman!

  4. Love these! This is probably my favorite! I have aleays been the same as maia. Thats why when i find pants that fit right they always get true wear and holes within a year! Haha recently refound levi's! So awesome

  5. The HOSH! These look incredible on Maia! :D So happy they worked out for you and her!

  6. These are so cute!! Really cute picture, too!

  7. LOVE these pants! You make me want to venture into sewing knit fabrics :D