Friday, 19 April 2013


A Scooter Shirt and Kids Clothes Week

 scooter 3

I made each of the kids a last minute item of clothing for our recent trip Stateside; Jamie a long sleeve Dolman in this scooter print and Maia an as-yet-unphotographed skater dress.  She now has thirteen skater dresses, I do not consider this excessive.  But with temps in Connecticut firmly at or below freezing, I never had the chance to get proper pictures outdoors.  Surely the weather in Edinburgh mid-April would be more cooperative?  Not exactly... 

scooter 4

The four day windstorm we've had this week (that also misrepresented the lovely cut and drape of Maia's Doli tank), also gave Jamie's longer hair a old man comb-over.  He will make an adorable old man.

scooter 2

Comb-overs are funny, but not as funny the transformation of his mod cut into a 1980's mom cut.

scooters 1

No words.  You can caption this one yourselves.  In other news, he has finally lost a second tooth.  He's been patiently waiting for all his loose teeth to literally fall out of his mouth by their own accord, but not before they get stuck in the backwards position (true story).


Is everyone geared up for the Kids Clothes Week spring challenge?  There is a dedicated blog space this year which is rapidly filling up with inspiration and enthusiasm.  I am determined this year to play along (oh, how I always say this...) and even more determined to sew SPRING CLOTHES.  Not cruelly-extended-neverending-winter clothes, spring clothes.  'If you make it, it will happen', right?  What are your plans for Kids Clothes Week?


  1. OMG, how has jamie suddenly grown up to be about 15? he looks so big in those pics?

  2. I want to get prepped for next week, and man I want to sew for Spring/Summer. We got 7 inches of snow yesterday....this years weather is CRUEL here!

  3. It's nice!! I'd like to see the dress...

  4. Love the dolman sHirt! Where did you get that great scooter print?