Thursday 4 April 2013


Skater Dress Pattern Tour: Sew a Straight Line

I'm really excited to have Sabra from Sew a Straight Line participating in the Skater Dress pattern tour today. Whether it's sewing for her (four!) kids or for herself, I basically love everything she makes.  So effortlessly* cool.  I hit refresh on her blog all day long hoping she's posted a tute on how to be so pretty.

*I mean that she makes it look effortless, not that she doesn't put effort into it. It's probably pretty easy for her though.
But my favourite thing about Sabra (if you made me choose) is that she's a funny lady.  Irreverant humour and sewing are the best combination.
Sabra totally got addicted to Skater Dresses I'm not going to say that Sabra became addicted to Skater Dresses as such, but here's a sneaky peak of the first three! Emboldened by earlier successes, the third Skater Dress got a snap placket, hood and Kangaroo pocket!

Click on through for the sweetest review!


  1. No, no. It's true, I'm addicted. Honestly, best girl pattern ever.

  2. I have enjoyed my first ever look at your blog and have found the photography and the tutorials absolutely brilliant. I am more of a yarn addict but am straying into the world of sewing for a faster fix!! Jo