Thursday, 17 October 2013


The Bimaa Pattern Tour: Cowl Goes Zippy

zippy bimaa

I completely honored to be posting as part of EmmyLouBeeDoo's Bimaa Sweater Pattern Tour today!  Between all of the Sew Fab Bimaas and Pattern Tour Bimaas I think there's a legitimate case for renaming October Bimaaober.  It makes my heart swell to see this great pattern getting the love it deserves.

zippy bimaa zipped

Seeing as I'd already make a straightforward cowled Bimaa, and hacked the Bimaa with my skater dress,  I wanted to make something a bit more adventurous to show off the 'blank-slate' potential of this shirt.  So I gave the cowl a functional zip!

zippy bimaa full

Looks cute with the zip fully closed and folded down...

zippy bimaa zipped up

Less cute, more creepy when hiding one's head...

zippy bimaa half zip

And back to cute when partially zipped.

zippy bimaa full half zip

I think it'd be fun to put the zipper off-centre or at an angle for an asymmetrical look too.

zippy bimaa unzipped

Or you could use it more unzipped for a Pilgrim Costume.  Not the drapey shawl I was striving for but the retro pattern and colours make the huge collar strangely appropriate.

Thanks so much for having me, Sarah!  Make sure you check out my co-touree Sew A Straight Line too.


  1. Every time I see this pattern, I love it a little bit more! I only have sons...desperately want this pattern in an adult size so I can make one (or, more likely, 10) for me!!

    LOVE the fabrics you've used, and the zip looks awesome :)

  2. Bimaaober! Haaha! Oh Maia... the model to end all models. Love it, Amanda! I really want to try this, too! Thank you so so much!