Wednesday, 2 October 2013


Panelled Pinafore 3.0 and New Fabrics

panelled pinafore 3.0 full 3

I guess that old adage threes a charm is correct because the Panelled Pinafore is oh-so-close to being ready for testing!  After the slightly too big Colour-blocked Pinafore I moved Maia back down to the 5/6 and it's slightly too small.  I'm okay with that though, she is genuinely bigger than both my standard 5/6 block and other kids her age so (semi) yay for proving myself right.  If you need me I'll be making this dress in the 7/8 because she loves it.

panelled pinafore 3.0 seam line

Having two very similar prints mixed makes it hard to notice the seam line but it's got a lovely princess curve.

panelled pinafore 3.0 side

And this is Maia noticing a spider on the wall, ha.  Girl will not be an entomologist. 

Fabrics don't look familiar?  They're new!

Lillestoff Collage

Little Forest and Forest Brown are both gorgeous autumnal prints featuring deer, rabbits, hedgehogs, snails, owls, acorns, flowers, mushrooms, leaves and trees. The colour palette is amazing with golden orangey yellow, bubblegum pink, bright pinky red, and white.  And unfortunately they photograph poorly by themselves- the background is a very deep purpley, maroony brown.  The garment shots are more accurate for colours.

Also added is Vichy Red, a small scale gingham print in red and white.  Lime green plain organic jersey has made a reappearance, and petrol and dark red have been replenished as well.  And now we're going to get nuanced!  A new organic cotton / lycra blend has arrived in Mustard.  It is a fantastic coordinate for almost all of the prints I have with a yellow element.  However.  It is nearly identical in shade to Sunflower, which I got from the supplier at a time when Mustard was unavailable.  Sunflower is currently the only jersey I have without an elastane content, and consequently it less suitable for mixing with my prints.  To make things less confusing for customers, I've put Sunflower on sale to clear it out.  It is a great organic jersey in its own right, with a lovely drape and a mahoosive 180cm wide width, just not cohesive with the other plain jerseys I offer.       

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  1. looking forward to trying this out. My tiny will love one! roll on pattern being out (and i'll have to buy fabric, OH NO! what a shame!)

  2. My rule if something comes out too short? Slap some leggings under it and call it a tunic!

    1. Look out guys! We have a genius in our midst!

      That's an awesome idea!!

      LOVE this dress Amanda! It's going to be great! (Although I freaking love the skater dress!)

  3. I love it a lot, will be great for both my girls. Need a tester? Juliex

  4. Adorable! This pattern is going to be another big hit!

  5. If you need an additional Tester for size 3/4 - i would love to help out :-))
    redlily1982 {at} or IG lily230982 (you ade one of my very few followers...)

    Best regards,

  6. I love the length! Maybe even have a few options for that! It's so friggin adorable and mod my brain might burst! love!!!!

    1. It's just a tiny bit too short as you can see her pants peeking when her arms are straight up and she's bent at the waist. Which sounds awkward but it's Maia :)

  7. It's fantastic, Amanda!!!! Looks perfect! :D GIVE IT HERE.

  8. Amazing if you need anyone to test the 18 month size "let it be me let it be me" sorry been watching tool much cbeebies lately


  9. Hurray for sale fabric! Boo for the fact that it is yellow and yellow makes me and my offspring look like we've risen from the dead! Those prints look great together.

  10. Maia is a great model! I love this dress so much. I dunno if I asked before (or just asked in my head!) but would you consider putting out a larger sized pattern for this too, as you did for lady skater? My 12yo loves it!