Thursday, 3 October 2013


The Oh-So-Fancy Fancy Pants Leggings

fancy pants close 

Recently I had the pleasure of testing Craftstorming's Fancy Pants Leggings in the extended sizes (all sizes from birth all the way to 10 years are now available!).

fancy pants full 3

When I say that it was a pleasure to test, I'm not being facetious.  Laura's drafting and thoughtful instructions are impeccable.  Funny story: when I commented on her blog to say they were 'a joy', I mistyped and said they were 'a job'.  Proofreading matters.

fancy pants back

What sets the Fancy Pants apart from other legging patterns is the bum panel.  In order show off just how Fancy I could be, I used a contrasting star print, turquoise for the leg bands, and golden orange for the waistband (no elastic, yay!).

fancy pants levitate

So fancy, you'll levitate.

fancy pants face

Can I just say that Maia is really, really enjoying all this modelling I'm asking her to do.

The Fancy Pants Leggings are part of the Sew Fab bundle for one week only.  So if you're still thinking about buying a Sew Fab bundle, I'd suggest you head over to Laura's blog and show her some love for the Fancy Pants Leggings that have (rightfully so) taken over the internet.


  1. Better show Vincent that he has the ability to levitate now! He'll be stoked!

  2. These are spectacular! I want to make Emmy sooooo many of these leggin's.

  3. I love everything about this post! Maia's posing is so fun and the leggings are spectacular. The second shot is my favourite.