Friday 4 October 2013


Bimaa, Baby

bimaa close 

The hills are truly alive with the sound of Bimaa.  My heart has been growing at least two sizes a day seeing Bimaas pop up all over the place this week; it's another wonderful pattern (the third I've sewn from the LouBeeClothing collection) getting the love it deserves!

bimaa side

The majesty of this top will literally blow your hair right back.

bimaa cowl

The cowl is delicious and I plan on mashing it with every pattern I have to be-cowl all the things.

bimaa hijinks

Just look at the fun possibilities.  As an aside, Sarah and I met up Stateside this summer and have become fast friends.  And look who else became bosom buddies:

Maia and Emmy

I brought Emmy a me-made Skater in Busy Beavers to add to her Animals-of-North-America skater collection.  I know you're not supposed to meet people off the internet (and you're certainly not supposed to accept their offer to stay overnight sight unseen) but no one got murdered and only one person got groped:

Emmy loved Maia's hair.  Sisterhood of the Derp.

bimaa full

So if you're still thinking about buying a Sew Fab bundle, I'd suggest you head over to Sarah's blog and show her some love for the Bimaas that have (rightfully so) taken over the internet.


  1. I love literally EVERYTHING in this post

  2. This is a) awesome fabric, b) and awesome post and c) a freaking awesome pattern!

  3. I love the red check with the solid red on the underside. I'm about to start editing photos of my latest Bimaa, but my fabrics aren't as cute as yours. The Bimaa pattern is awesome (I've made 3 now) and so is the Hosh Pants pattern (I've made it 4 times)!

  4. Your daughter is one of the luckiest little girls in the world when it comes to great clothes. I mean wow!!! Everything you sew for her is comfy and colorful and 100% unique.

  5. Your Bimaa is amazing, and Maia is amazing, and YOU are amazing! Thank you for this post, friend :) I will come visit it again often. :)

  6. So cute! Love that fabric! Where is it from?

    1. Thanks! It's from my shop: