Thursday, 14 November 2013


Scandinavian Style Series: Jegsuit Jeggeralls

Scandinavian Style Series Kitschy Coo 

When Stacey from Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy Crafts asked me if I wanted to participate in her Scandinavian Style Series, of course I wanted in considering that I source and sell Scandi fabrics, and sew probably at least 95% of my makes in (what I would consider) a Scandi-influenced style.  Bright colours, easy-to-wear-comfort, and print mixing are just one facet of Scandi Style; there is a whole 'nother aesthetic to Scandi fashion that is a lot more subtle.  So for this challenge I wanted to step away from the Loud and Proud Scandi Style and work with a more neutral look.

scandi series full

Can a full-on jeggings jumpsuit be considered neutral?  Who knows.  Let's just go with it.  A lot of the Scandi sewing blogs I read use a predominantly neutral palette (grey, black, navy, white) but with a pop of colour for high contrast.

scandi series zipper detail

Sunflower yellow is almost the opposite of the colour wheel as denim blue so it's the perfect 'pop'.  I sourced the sunflower metal zip, and found a coordinating yellow for a plain long sleeve tee.  Guys, so hard not to use a print for the tee, so hard.

scandi series hat

But I let myself use a print sparingly for the slouchy beanie hat.  The Sweetcones print sticks to the neutral palette but has the subtle graphic design that sneaks into Scandi fabrics all the time.

scandi series back

For added visual interest I stitched in some wide elastic in the back.

scandi series full 1

The piece of jeggings fabric I had wasn't tall enough to make the jumpsuit a seamless affair so I had to give it a waist seam.

Sorry, Maia, I clearly should've used that seam to add pockets.

Thanks for having me, Stacey! Click on the button to see the awesome stuff everyone else has made.


  1. Love the jumpsuit! I can just imagine how soft it must be.

  2. Ooh, lovely. And Yes, the waist seam would have been perfect for some hidden inseam pockets just like the ones i sewed into my skater dress a-line hack...
    Susanne (ig lily28923)

  3. I'm so glad you could join us, Amanda. Some how a Scandinavian Style Sewing series wouldn't have rung true without "the purveyor of funky fabrics". I love the jumpsuit. Totally bringing back fond memories of my time in Denmark where they even sold these for grownups. I seriously would have purchased a set for everyone I know if things weren't so expensive there.

  4. Ohmigod please tell me you'll be releasing the pattern!! I LOVE it! Jeggings jumpsuits for all the kids!

  5. The pocket-search GIF, so funny!!! I've been so excited for your post ever since the teaser. You're amazing and Maia is the cutest ever. Also, I'm jealous of your slouchy beanie skills. That's the look I wanted with mine, but just couldn't figure out.

  6. So funny about the pockets. That jumpsuit is so awesome!!!! I love what a knits whisper-er you are!!!! She's so damn cute!