Sunday, 17 November 2013


This just in: Herzblatt, Girli Elephants, Rocketboy and Frogprince

Lillestoff Collage

Four new prints in the shop!  Herzblatt translates to either 'heart leaf' or 'adorable' but in this case I say both.  I can see this fabric being used for a lot of Christmas makes with the gorgeous greens and red!  Girli Elephant is a reprint of a fabric that sold out in it first run before I got a chance to stock it, it's a lovely large-scale print in pinks, browns and orange.  Rocketboy is another large scale print, this time with flying rockets, planets and stars in four unusual shades of blue.  And finally Frogprince, another riotous fairytale print in greens, yellow, orange and deepest chocolate brown.  The smiling lightening clouds are my favourite bit.

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  1. Those rockets are soooo cute for a little boy! (or girl, you know)