Saturday 30 November 2013


Black Friday to Cyber Monday: Save 20%

There are still two full days left to save 20% off everything in my shop using the code BLACKFRIDAY at checkout!  It's been manic so far, and some of my favourite fabrics are running low.  *sob*

Speaking of favourite fabrics, I've finally decided to part company with my wovens.  Due to my current focus on knits, my poor sad wovens weren't getting much action and I also desperately need the shelf space.  As my friend Kym pointed out yesterday, sorting and listing my wovens was like a trip down memory lane- each one of these fabrics has featured in blog posts and makes allllll the way back to 2007.  When looking them up prior to listing I found that a huge amount are Out Of Print / Rare, which made my inner hoarder want to keep them even more.  Or sell them by the FQ on Etsy and and retire to Malta.  For sake of ease they're bundled by colour or theme.

And finally, I've listed quite a few random one-size-only clothing items that have been hanging in my sewing room since last year.  They're already made so ready to ship!

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