Wednesday, 6 November 2013


The Postman Always Rings Twice

Lillestoff Collage

A big box of fabric from Lillestoff arrived last week with quite a few restocks as well as four new prints and two new solids.  Squirrels is a large-scale print in a delicious autumn / winter colour palette, the Owls is a gorgeous small scale print (that I believe is already out of print so swoop like an owl), Tulipa Dotties is a bright polkadot print that not only matches with Tulipa Flowers but also makes a great blender due to the number of colours included, and with the Blue and Orange stars I finally have a perfect coordinate for Pretzels, hooray!  Two new solids are available in Fuchsia and Turquoise Blue.  The range of blues that have passed through my shop (I've had bright turquoise, dark turquoise, petrol, mid blue, sky blue, royal blue, navy blue and now turquoise blue) amuses me in their nuanced-ness.  I've included a shot above with Sunny Sky, Jack and Frogfriends, and Missing Duck for comparison.

Nosh Collage

And before I could even get that first box uploaded (or my holiday announcement taken down for that matter), a second box of goodies arrived with the greatest arrangement of Squirrel Fabrics the world did see.  We've got Wintertime squirrels in three colourways of Dark Slate, Cranberry, and Petrol and two Sweetcone acorn coordinates.  Both of them make a really neat chevrony / lattice pattern from a distance:

Wintertime Sweetcone Collage

Everything is now available in the shop!