Monday 25 November 2013


The Mod Dress

mod dress full

In case you missed it on Instagram or Facebook, I'm working on drafting the Paneled Pinafore in ladies' sizes.  This is version three and I'm just about happy with everything.  Version One is all in a grey ponte and it's trickier to see the seam lines so for this one I used a big fat striped ponte for the centre panels so you could see those princess seams.

mod dress close

The front has a more dramatic curve that nips in at the waist for an at-a-glance hourglass shape.  As the seams are more of a decorative feature than a shaping feature, the hourglass is somewhat of an optical illusion but princess seams are the perfect seams for adjusting fit to your individual body.

mod dress side

From the side you can see that there is a looser, drapier fit than it looks from the front.  There is negative ease through the bust but not through the waist because I think this pattern will be good to throw over jeans or trousers (in tunic length) or tights in mini / knee length. 

mod dress back

The back has less dramatic curves and also pesky thumbs causing pooling.

mod dress action

If you're waiting for an action shot to show you different things you can do while wearing this dress, the style clearly lends itself well to giving The Eyebrow to your son's friend who is spying on your photoshoot from around the side of the building.


  1. lovely. i can just see a colourblocked version!

  2. Lovely dress, when will this be available to purchase please?

  3. Great dress - I might have to treat myself when you release the pattern!

  4. I must have this pattern! This version is wonderful. Waiting in anticipation.... :)

  5. I want this so badly. When are you expecting to release it?

  6. Fantastic. Will be keeping an eye out for the pattern :-)

  7. I can't wait. I love the Lady Skater Dress; this one looks fabulous too!

  8. OOH I really like the stripes and the front paneling! Cool Cool.

  9. This looks awesome., so cute :-)

  10. I'm not on Insta or FB so, no, I hadn't heard!!! So excited now:) I love this dress and *finally* I will have some curves (even if they are optical illusion ones!)