Monday, 27 February 2012


The Astronauts have landed. Some are more excited than others.

It was birthday party central here this weekend with party invitations for both of the kids so I was pretty excited to use my new astronaut fabric for the very first time.

green astronaut top ribbing

Maia said, 'Do you know how every time we go to a party you make clothes for the present?....'

green astronaut top detail

Me: 'Yeah...'

green astronaut top

Maia: 'Well, that's so boring'.


  1. Haha I love it! I took my 7yr old and her friend to a party yesterday and overheard this conversation between them, my daughter said 'we don't buy presents because it's a waste of money, I just choose something my mummy has made' friend says 'that's so cool'! Glad it's not boring for mine yet!

  2. That's so not if you lived closer I'd be having a party every week. You might be the only one invited on a few of those weeks :P

  3. It's so not boring and if you lived nearer I'd invite you to my kids' parties!!! x

  4. Too funny! I wish I had it together enough to sew bday gifts up...much better than another toy!

  5. Is there another kind of present!?

  6. Oh my gosh -kids are so funny. She is just too used to being so dang lucky. A CUSTOM-made wonderful item from clothing from you is a huge treat and an extremely special gift!!